Be the bees ! – a life in balance

An interactive set-performance of the compagne „Of bees and men"

The concept 'gravitates' around the idea that complex problems are most easyly explaned when experianced in person.

Scene :

1. А simple swing hanging from a tree suitable for as many as two adult persons. The ropes are of some respectable lenght, leting the swing go about quite a distanse .

2.А small bee - house working as a table for compagne materials with a small display of bee products.

3.Wax - workshop and honey-bread bites are mandatory.

4.An active participant in the compagne will be present at all times at the scene for purpose of bringing additional information and technical
support to the happening.

*comics-drowing contest on the topic: 'Aristeus – the first bee-keeper' .Long story short – he was a friend of Orfeus, but fell in love with Euridica. When chasing her she steps on a snake and being bit she goes to Hades. Aristeus on the other hand is stung to death by the very bees he has domesticated . Cool part is the background of all this is the Rhodopa mountagne.

Compagne – coordinator of the iniciative “Of bees and men“- Dimov Plamen